review policies

Review Policy

Thank you for your interest in pitching a book to Dancing Through YA. Below you will find a list of what types and kinds of books I accept as well as the ones that I don’t accept, my favorite genres and books, and my contact information. I encourage you to check out my About Me and About pages for more information on me and the blog.

This policy is consistently updated with all changes. This policy is current as of July 1, 2012.

Pitches: I enjoy being pitched books for review. However, I only reply to pitch emails for books that I am interested in reading. I also do not read every book that I review. I check my email every day and so if I am interested in your pitch I will send a prompt response.

Book Genres: I only read and review young adult fiction on this blog, so keep that in mind when sending pitches.

Genres I Enjoy: YA fiction and nonfiction. My favorite genres in YA are contemporary/realistic fiction, mystery, fantasy, and science fiction.

Favorite Books and Authors: Some of my favorite authors are: Courtney Summers, C.K Kelly Martin, Nova Ren Suma, Sara Zarr, John Green, and Laini Taylor. You can also check out a list of my favorite books by viewing my Goodreads favorites shelf.

Genres I Don’t Like: Adult fiction and nonfiction, morality tales, YA paranormal romance, YA paranormal stories, religious stories, erotica, self-help. I also do not accept self-published books or e-books. Pitches for these kinds of books will not be accepted.

Book Formats: I will accept ARCs, but am also willing to read finished copies. I own a Nook and am willing to read ebooks on the device. PDF or epub are my best formats for reading e-books. I also do not read audiobooks. I am willing to read backlist titles if they are available.

Privacy Statement: Occasionally I will receive books for review. As shown in the revised FTC guidelines, where each book came from will be stated at the end of the review. I do not accept any monetary value for review copies and reviews are entirely my own. All information given to me in contests, giveaways, or other elsewhere will be kept private and not shared with anyone. Your email address, name, and other information will remain secure.

Contact Me: If you are interested in sending me a pitch, have a question or comment, or have anything related to the blog, please send an email to readwritegirl [at] gmail [dot] com. I check my email regularly and will respond in a prompt manner. I can also be found on Twitter at @bookbug99 and on Goodreads.





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