Blogging is writing.

2 07 2012



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This is a simple truth. In fact, everyone reading this blog post probably already knows that. But it’s an important truth and one that is easy to lose track of. Writing book reviews, writing discussion posts (my personal favorites to write), reading others book reviews….Bloggers are writers.

At our very core, we’re writers. Writers who create and write blog posts that are available, widely, on the internet. Anyone who searches your name or your blog title or your Twitter profile can find information about you, personally, as a blogger, or they can find and read through your entire blog.

Unless you have your blog protected in some way, anyone can go and read through your blog. You have created your blog for the world to see and for the world to read.

It’s easy to forget this. I know that at times I’m working on a post, working hard on it, and I send it off, proud but maybe a bit….halfhearted? I’m not sure what the best word to describe the feeling is. It’s my blog post that I am proud of, but at the same time sometimes my blog post just feels like yet another thing that will get lost forever on the internet.

But of course, this blog post won’t be lost forever on the internet. It will always be freely available to anyone who wants to find it. It may be “lost” that in terms of how much it is viewed – for instance, the post may not get a lot of hits – but not “lost” in terms of being easily available to find.

And it’s important to be happy with your blog. Be proud of what you say, every word you type. Own what you do.

Your blog is your own blog. You can do whatever you want with it. You can post pictures and quotes and talk about hydrating squirrels. You can write whatever you’d like. Your blog is yours and you are free to do whatever you would like to do with it.

Don’t be ashamed of your blog. Don’t feel ashamed that you don’t do the “hottest” thing and the tons of memes and get the coolest books and the awesomest giveaways and interviews. Be proud of your blog.

Your blog is your portfolio, an assortment of writing that you have created and published out for the world. I love seeing comments about people working super hard on blog posts, because it reminds me of how in the end we are all just writers working our hardest on each and every post.

In the end, bloggers are writers. Smart and funny writers. We’re writers that post our musings and thoughts and reviews on the internet. A blog is a collection of posts that we have created and written, our portfolio like I mentioned before.

And once again, own what you do. Be proud of your blog and be proud of your writing. We put our blogs out for the world to see; be proud of what you’ve presented and created for the world to see and discover.




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2 07 2012
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3 07 2012

This was really beautiful and encouraging 🙂

3 07 2012

Thank you 🙂

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