The Ash-Born Boy

15 05 2012

So a few months ago Victoria Schwab emailed a bunch of bloggers and said she had an awesome project, and today I’m here to reveal the awesome project!


(in all caps and bolded of course)

THE ASHBORN BOY — a free prequel/novella

The Ashborn Boy is a prequel to Victoria’s novel The Near Witch. She says that she gets a lot of questions about who Cole was before he came to near, so here’s the answer! Victoria decided to write a prequel to the book and Disney Hyperion (her publisher) has posted it on their site. AND, because Victoria is awesome, she will always make a spot for the novella on her site if the book ever leaves the DH site. The best part: the book’s free! (Say what? Yes, you can read it for free online, and it will always be free! Hurrah!)

Now, with further ad0,


Before he came to Near…

Before he met Lexi…
Before they faced the witch…
Who was the boy named Cole?

Follow us to Dale, a city on a hill, where in a matter of days fire will devour everything. Meet the Lord and Lady, and their son, the boy destined to inherit all…until everything turns to ash.

It’s time to learn the truth behind the stranger’s story.

Link to view the site:

Sounds great, huh? The good thing is that you can read it without having read The Near Witch and you can read it after reading the book for a better insight into the story. Also, c’mon, it’s 6o-some pages — it would make for a quick and easy read, not to mention that it is FREE!! I think that this is a great idea and I always love reading a good prequel/short story based around familiar characters. Make sure to check out the site and if you want, add the book on Goodreads. Happy reading, and great idea Victoria.




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