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4 05 2012

I adore finding great new blogs. I actually have an entire section of my Google Reader devoted to “great new blogs”, whether they are newly created blogs or amazing blogs that I just hadn’t heard of. (And many of these blogs have jumped from this section to the “must reads” pile!)

Anyway, once I find a great blog and start to really adore it and keep up with the blog’s posts, I start to look at the blog archives. I mean, this blog is awesome, I want to read EVERYTHING they’ve posted, right?

When I decide to start reading a blog’s archive, I usually favorite the site on the computer or open the site on my itouch for esy reading. And I read the  entire blog. Yes, I read the whole thing, every post (and I often reread posts that I’ve already read on the blog or just skip those already-read ones altogether).

Reading these archives obviously take different amounts of time. Newer blogs are quicker to get through, a few days at the most. Older blogs take much longer, weeks or months, but I manage to get through these older blogs in their entirety as well.

Some might say that this is tedious — why shouldn’t I just go read these blogs’ newer posts, in with the new and out with the old, right — but I don’t find it tedious. I often read more than one blog’s archive at a time and switch them out constantly.

And why do I even do this? It’s silly, right, maybe borderline stalk-ish? I do it because I love reading these blogs (I only read the archives for blogs I truly enjoy reading) and I want to read everything that they have published and I just didn’t get a chance to read. It’s like a reader full of archives, but I click “older posts” instead of scrolling down in Google Reader.

At the moment, I’m alternating between four blogs and enjoying them all.

What do you think? Am I ridicolous? Do you ever do this (it counts just reading some older posts or reading just one blog)?





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