Aussie YA: What’s In the Water?

2 05 2012

There is a bit of a joke in the blogging world about Aussie YA (books that were published originally in Australia). The joke goes like this:

There must be something in the water in Australia, because the books there are so good.

This is an ongoing joke and the fact is — it’s true! There are many amazing Aussie YA books, and some have even ventured to call them better than the books that are currently being released in the United States. More and more, Aussie titles are getting recongition in the US and people are eager to read these international titles. There have been blog tours, people trying to get ebooks to be distributed worldwide for these titles, and many more amazing campaigns in pursuit of Aussie YA books.

Actually getting a hand on the books is not easy (and there are many funny stories of misadventures that have happened while people were trying to find the books), but usually the best way is to order them online. fishpondworld is a good bet to find Aussie titles.

But once people get their  hands on these books and pass “prcessing” on fishpondworld, there are many gushing reviews and favorites. I personally have a few favorite titles (and I’ve gushed about Melina Marchetta before) but there are many amazing titles that I’m eager to read. Process, fishpondworld!

So below, a scattering of Aussie YA   titles — some that I’ve read, some that I want to read, and some that it seems everyone but me has read and loved. All of the titles link to the Goodreads pages for these books.

Every Single One Of Melina Marchetta’s Books

sorry, i couldn't find a picture of all her books together!

 I’ve probably ranted on too much about MM now, but she’s a lovely author and I adore her books. See this post for more info gushing. Bonus: all of her books have been published in the US! Skip processing and head over to your local bookstore!

Graffiti Moon by Cath Crowley

The story of two people, Lucy and Ed, searching for themselves through music and art. This book is highly recommended and often touted as a favorite. It just was released in the US too!

Raw Blue by Kirsty Eagar

The story of Carly, a girl surfer, on the Australian coast. This book is well adored and many people also enjoyed Eagar’s second book, Night Beach, which was recently released.

A Straight Line to My Heart by Bill Condon

The story of Tiff, who works at a newspaper office after graduating high school. A quieter book but also very, very popular.

Beatle Meets Destiny by Gabrielle Williams

The story of a boy named John Lennon (seriously!) who meets and falls in love with a girl — the problem is, he’s already with the perfect girl. This author’s other book, The Reluctant Hallelujah, is also recommended.

This is Shyness by Leanne Williams

A fantasy about two people, Wolfboy and Wildgirl, in the world of Shyness. There is also a sequel to this book, called Queen of the Night.

Good Oil by Laura Buzo

A romance about a girl who meets a boy, but doesn’t really understand their relationship — are they friends? are they dating? are they more or less?

I could go on for ages and ages about great Aussie titles, and I’m sure that there are many more great ones that I missed out on. Check out these lists of Aussie YA titles on Goodreads and also check out these websites for Penguin Australia and Allen and Unwin, 2 Aussie publishers, for more titles and information about these authors and their books.

Happy reading, and if anyone finds what’s in the water, let me know!




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