dancing through ya, or an re-introductory post

7 04 2012


Welcome to Dancing Through YA, a blog that focuses around young adult literature (with a few dancing metaphors tossed in). This blog was formerly titled Past The Ink on Blogger. The blog has been retitled and all of the posts have been transferred to this blog. The old blog will stay up but will no longer be updated.

NOTE: if you were reading the other blog and want to continue reading it, check out the  “Meta” section of the blog to subscribe to posts, email, etc.

In this blog, look for:

  • book reviews of YA titles
  • discussion posts (these will depend, some about librarian issues, etc,   some blogging ones, some YA lit)
  • Dance metaphors
  • Excitement
  • Hopefully a good time.

this is a dance metaphor.




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