News, Jellicoe Road, Liesl & Po, Pretty Crooked, Looking for Alaska

2 10 2011

That title: well, those would be the four most recent books I’ve read. Jellicoe Road already has a review; just scroll down below. Looking for Alaska, Pretty Crooked, and Liesl and Po need reviews. Hint on those: one YES, one WOW, the other one HMM. Pick your choices on which one is which. 😛

I’ve been reading a lot of books lately, and more importantly I’ve been reading a lot of books I’ve bought lately. I don’t buy books often; mostly because I don’t have money and secondly because I adore my library. Most of the time when I recieve books that I’ve bought, they’re from birthdays and holidays.

I just love libraries. I know some people prefer to not have their books read by other people. I think it gives the books more of a story. Like: how many people have read this book before me? Hundreds? Thousands? Each spill, each tear is a story. I read The White Darkness on a copy that was filled with water, and it made me wonder. Did the person reading the story get excited and spill on their copy with excitement? Did they hate the story so much they wanted to ruin it?

I also love the people. I recently moved, and the librarians at my old library said that they were going to miss me. I still miss them. They’re all wonderful, creative, funny, and amazing people. I’m talking about you, Carol, Katie, and Julia. 🙂 They were kind of like my second friends: close but not close in age. Carol led my book club; Katie led me around the back rooms of the library and explained to me the cataloguing system; and Julia ran the children’s programs. I appreciate what they did, and i appreciate it even more now.

I’m still learning to know the librarians at my new library. They recongize me, but I don’t know their names or who they are. I’m looking forward to meeting them. I also love meeting other people, kids who love to read just as much as me. Some of my friends go to the library a lot, which probably isn’t a surprise. 😀

And lastly, I love this: THE BOOKS ARE FREE. Thousands and thousands of books, and I can check them out whenever I want without any problems. That’s the best part for me, honestly, and it’s one of the few ways I can get newly released hardcovers.

So, what do you think of libraries? Do you love them? Hate them? Do you prefer libraries or bookstores? Why or why not?
And expect reviews of Looking for Alaska, Liesl & Po,and Pretty Crooked.

Thanks for reading.



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