Well, That’s the Result of Having Nothing to Do!

6 02 2011

I’ve been frantically reading book articles (just, cause, you know I’ve got nothing to do). And I was thinking about self-publishing. I can think of several self-published-turned-actual-piblished authors just the top off my head: Christopher Paolini, Nancy Yi Fan (she basically was self-published; she just emailed Harper Collins editors and got a book deal), etc. But one name that has been popping up in the self-publishing world lately is Colleen Houck. Her Tigers Curse trilogy was originally self-published as an ebook on such things like bn.com and Amazon. Then her book got picked up by a publishing company and launched a new imprint, Splinter. So what do you think? Is that fair?

Answer these questions.
  1. Are you self-published/considering being self-published? Why did you choose to self-publish? Has your journey been easy or hard?
  2. Are you trying to publish the “traditional” way? Most people say that it is extremely difficult. Have the difficulties ever made you want to self-publish?
  3. What do you think about people like Nancy Yi Fan and Christopher Paolini who were self-published and then became published? Would you ever buy their books?
Woot! That was long-sorry. Hope everybody had a good weekend!



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